Immerse yourself in unimaginable pleasures … with Bondassage®

Light bondage … sensory deprivation … full body sensual massage and sensation play … whether you’re a novice or an experienced player,  I’m delighted to be your guide on a journey of exploration and erotic pleasure. 

Have you ever had an erotic adventure that kept you secretly smiling for days?
Ever wondered what it might be like to explore your deepest kinky desires?
To let go of control and surrender to the pure bliss of a sensual bondage massage?
Perhaps I may be of service …

 Letting go is the ultimate power … 

and incredibly sensual Bondassage is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced or even imagined. 
It all starts with you naked and kneeling … a leather collar around your neck and padded cuffs on your wrists and ankles. 
Your eyes are covered with a soft blindfold …
Lightly secured to my comfortably padded massage table, you sink deeply into your body as a selection of sensually-stimulating sounds play through your headphones.
As you surrender to the sensations and forget the outside world, I take you to a place of exquisite enjoyment ~ a place where you can indulge your senses and embrace the pleasure. 
Imagine …
Imagine warm, experienced hands working their way over your body … gently kneading, touching, stroking … Deep relaxation takes over, permeating every part of your being.
As you shed your tension, you drift into a level of profound relaxation. You’re safe, you’re happy, you’re in complete bliss. 
You emerge satiated and energized, ready to focus on your life and your work.
Discover a world of blissful intensity and intimacy
Come and experience this deliciously creative playground and awaken to a profound level of pleasure and relaxation.

You will experience the pleasures of tantric touch while being gently bound and blindfolded to the extent of your comfort. This will allow you to truly release yourself and “let go.” You will open yourself up to feel levels of ecstacy without even the option of giving back. This is often the first step in undergoing the true tantric transformation – total surrender, and expansion.

Immerse yourself in unimaginable pleasures … with Bondassage®

$400 for a 90-minute experience or $500 for 2 hours